Friday, September 4, 2009

Speaking Out Loud

If you have not read Margaret and Helen's blog, you are missing two of the funniest, most insightful women in recent memory. What I love about them is that, in this environment, they are totally open and willing to call bullshit what it is, bullshit. (See the link below.)

Check out their latest blog below about the madness of the crazies who are up in arms because President Obama plans to do an address to students in schools urging them to stay in school and study hard.

Here's where I get concerned. Are we cognizant of the fact that it isn't enough to just vote, celebrate, cry at the inauguration, participate in polls to say, yes, I stand behind my vote? Are we aware that voting was only the first step toward change?

If I were Obama, I'd be sitting in the White House wondering, "Where the hell are all the people? What happened? There were millions and millions of people around me yelling for change, crying for change, screaming for change. Did I imagine that, hallucinate? Did they mean it?" Pinches himself, "No, its real, I am in the White House."

Folks, understand something, he cannot do this alone. The president cannot snap his fingers like a wizard or a genie, and presto chango, done, it's a new day in America. Our prayers for his safety are important, critical even, needed beyond question, but it is time to pray and pack. We need to pack up our complacence, our busyness, our distractions, our tiredness, and begin to get engaged in the process.

There's a flaming terrorist preacher in Kansas praying daily for Obama's death, urging his members to help him meet his maker. Really, I couldn't make this crap up. (I use flaming terrorist as in the flames of hell.)

Then there was that flaming terrorist at a town hall meeting in California who said he was a proud right wing terrorist.

No, I am not suggesting that we go to Kansas to give the idiot posing as a preacher a righteous beat down, although it is tempting, nor am I suggesting that we lock the treasonous congressman out of his office until he swears allegiance to the flag, and mean it. (That would be the congressman who nodded and smiled at said terrorist at his town hall meeting and egged him on.)

What I am saying is that it is time we stopped being all pc, all cool and the gang with everything, watch the news, shake our heads, hurrumph, and get on with our lives. It is time to call things as we see it, call a spade the proverbial spade. As I see it, a huge faction of the white wing (that is not a typo), have lost their frickin' minds. This is not to malign those who are working for change as hard if not harder than we are. I am talking about that faction of folks who can't wait to dance on Obama's grave, who can't wait to unite the base against whatever the made up tempest in a teapot they can gin up next.

If you think this is hyperbole, think again. There is a vein of hatred that runs so deep right now in our nation that if you are not scared, then you ought to be. These folks are not playing. I realize that a huge part of my understanding of this is grounded in where I live. It is easier to ignore when you live in places where your values, principles, and beliefs are not in the minority. I live in a state that Obama lost. I live in a place where people know and can tell you, "This used to be a sundowner county." I live in a region that is the heart and soul this madness, the cradle of the confederacy and the cradle of the right white wing, no matter where it resides now, it began here in the South.

Your elected representatives need to hear from you, need to know that you will hold them accountable, write letters to them, to your newspapers, confront the crap for what it is. The time for genteel thoughtful responses and pleasantness under the guise of bipartisanship is pass. The republicans don't care about bipartisanship, they don't care about us, our feelings, our thoughts or world view.

I read recently that when there is a dispute between two people who are divorcing for example, the one who is crazy wins. The one who will snatch the kids and run to Australia, or who will beat themselves and say it was their spouse, the one who will say anything, do anything, to win, will more often than not, win. Your only hope is here is to get crazier. Yes, it is a recipe for a badly made cake, two parts crazy, add milk and sugar and stir.

How far must we go to bring us back from the brink of disaster? Maybe it is a case of detente' by craziness. When the other side knows you're willing to get as crazy as them, it gives them cause to pause. Liberals live in their heads, we think carefully about things, feel the others pain. We're the eggs on the breakfast plate while the wing nuts are the ham, fully committed. The chicken made a contribution, but the pig, the pig made a commitment.

What is it that the other side seems to care about? They care about power, about power, about power. And they are really righteously pissed about being out of power and having a class A1 hissy fit about it.

Here's the way to Margaret and Helen;

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